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A step towards the ‘One Election’

Conducting state assembly and Lok Sabha election at ‘One Time’ will not only relief the public, economy and administrative load on the ‘Election commission’ (EC) of India but the government can also function very smoothly without any kind of hurdles caused by the ‘Model Code

4th Anniversay of Modi government

The four years of the Narendra Modi government, marked by landmark reforms, have seen the complete transformation of the unorganised and opaque real estate sector into a regulated, transparent, affordable and consumer-friendly asset class. Notwithstanding the global slowdown, Indian real estate’s troubles have been self-created.

Intel India-Israel Partnership

Intel, which is celebrating its 50th year, and the Israel Consulate General to South India, which is celebrating the 70th year of Israel’s independence, have announced a collaboration to drive innovation and technology development by connecting startups and enterprises from both the countries. While Israeli

Politics of linguistic states

India has an extraordinary complex pattern of linguistic grouping. No nation surpasses it in sheer multiplicity of languages. It has therefore not one language problem but a complex of language problems. Language can be a powerful unifying as well as divisive force. It can bind