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Obama Foundation launches initiative for girls’ education

Former USfirst lady Michelle Obama announced on Thursday a new initiative aimed at empowering adolescent girls around the world through education. “An educated girl can lift up her family, her community, and her country,” said Michelle Obama as she launched the program on behalf of

Planning a Quantitative Study

Quantitative studies are a method of inquiry that explains phenomena by collecting the numerical data that is analyzed mathematically based on statistical methods. It is a systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena through statistical, mathematical, or the computational techniques. The method of study entails the

Apply for All Competitive Exams and Scholarships

The universe of aggressive exams and scholarships is exceptionally huge and it is developing colossally with the progression of time. You may think about how I can be so certain. This is every one of the outlines of my own involvement. Having passed class 12,

IIT KGP institutes new awards, scholarships for students

The IIT Kharagpur (IIT KGP) is instituting several new student awards and scholarships from the semester beginning this month as alumni and corporate partners have come forward to support undergraduate students on merit basis towards their academics and research, a statement said on Tuesday. “We