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World’s Largest Healthcare Program: AB-PMJAY

World’s largest health protection scheme were launched today by PM Modi at Ranchi, Jharkhand. Covering a population the size of the United State, Canada and Mexico, It will have convergence with yoga and Ayurveda too. Notably, It is considered as a wold’s the largest scheme of

Clarification with respect to the E-way Bill System

The e-way Bill System for Inter-State movement of goods across the country is being introduced from 01st April 2018. Few clarifications regarding the new e-way bill system are as follows: Situation: -Consider a situation where a consignor is required to move goods from City X


APNA GHAR APNI CHHAT – PRADHAN MANTRI AWAS YOJNA To meet the objective of Housing for All by 2022, by 75th years of independence. As against the initial scheme which provided loans of up to Rs 6 lakh at a subsidized rate of 6.5 per