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Sunny Leone: A Benchmark for Many

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My parents and elders always said that a man can change whenever it strikes him. He just needs to know where he is wrong or if he even is wrong? Past is a time that flew by and will never ever return. What’s gone can never be retrieved and what’s done can never be undone. A person when realises all the wrong he has done and works to amend all the bad habits in himself is the purest being alive.

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The internet is splashed with news of Sunny Leone, Bollywood Actress and her husband Daniel Webber, Guitarist and Business Partner, adopting a 21 months old baby girl named Nisha from Latur, Maharastra. The reactions received from people are mixed. Some are so happy to see a complete happy family and others are going insane over the internet, forgetting the pleasures they had after watching all the movies starred by Sunny.

Such a masked society we are. At one point we want to turn to adult sites and caress our body parts, on the other hand we are so against the people running those adult sites. On one hand we desperately search for porn featuring young, teen girls crying with the pain of first time penetration and on the other hand we are out on India Gate to march against child traffickers. We go around discussing how to save women from their plight at the prostitution areas and then when a woman comes out of it, we try to send her back to place where she felt most humiliated by reminding her of the sins of the past.

What was her fault? Was it her fault that she was kidnapped? Was it her fault that her parents sold her for money? Was it her fault that she was not able to find a good paying job until she slept with the boss? Well out of all the choices, she chose to sleep for money than for job.
Sunny Leone is not a porn star as most us refer her to, she is a business women. Yes, nowhere in her biography it mentions that she was forced into this business. She made a choice and no one can stop you from making your choice. She chose to be an adult star. She wanted money and she earned a lot of it. She wanted fame; she is so damn famous that I am writing a blog dedicated to her.

A girl is kept away from controversial stuff merely because the family doesn’t want those controversies to come up in the middle of her marriage. Sunny Leone took up the biggest controversy and got married. She’s married since 2011 and according to me there are only a handful of couples who have made to this much years of a successful marriage.

In spite of all the other things, Sunny and her husband are completely out of the what they did in the past and now are leading a perfectly normal (as categorised by the society) life. They are happy as a couple. Sunny has made it big in Bollywood and Daniel is yet to make his debut.
And with all the happy things they planned to adopt a baby girl. There she is Nisha, the cute orphan, who now has a shelter over her head. What more can you demand from anyone?

A choice made wrong and later corrected with all the good things that can be done. Are we still supposed to blame for what happened in the past and which would never return?

Why not give people a chance to change for the good? At least she is not dropping bombs on us or is using our money for her growth. She is earning it from her own blood and sweat, she is making a difference. You are making a noise because she failed to accept what came her way; she took the road less travelled by.

And if sometime you think deep, you’d know, how well a business woman she is and how nicely she used her time, resources and assets to drive out a Maserati where the rest could only keep warming their pants.

Congratulations to the lovely parents!
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