Women Empowerment in Business

Women empowerment provides the right to live the life of their choice. Giving them freedom of speech. Allowing them to learn new skills. Now a day irrespective of caste, religion and other social demons we can find women excelling in almost all fields. And becoming more independent day by day. Yes.. it would be a completely different story if we had considered old times where women used to limit their life within four walls. But now, coins have turned up.

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Empowerment is created when the strengths that women already bring to the notice are recognized and utilized. Considering this Indian Government has made various measures for empowering women and make their footprint in various domains. Also, the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD)is administering the schemes for gender equality such as ensuring the safety of the working women in hostels, supporting the training and employment programs for the sustainment and generating income of poor women across the country. Not only these, but many private companies are also providing the platform for the women to prove themselves. Indeed women are striving hard to achieving their goals but there are several factors that have to be considered in empowering women.

How does Women Empowerment help in the growth of Business?

  • Gender Equality – This is one of the primary action that has to be taken. The recent survey has been proven that the companies that are focused on equality are benefited the most.
  • Healthy Environment – safe and healthy working policies are always good for business. Few types of research and studies have been found that violence and harassment lead litigations and bad publicity. UN mahila suggests employers adopt and emphasize a zero-tolerance violence and sexual harassment policy at work. Businesses should invest in health insurance policies that include counselling.
  • Community Guidance – It is necessary to spread the news about the women empowerment that is taken by the community people widely. Many of the companies take action to this and roll out the word about their involvement in the mahila empowerment principles.


Humankind is a quality that goes to each human normally yet vanishes as we grow up. While taking constant circumstances for instance, have you understood how your little help would put a grin on the substance of a poor.

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