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Amritsar train accident: Highlights

Eyewitness say, “The administration and the Dussehra committee are at fault, they should have raised an alarm when the train was approaching, they should have made sure that the train halts or slows down.” 

Very sad visuals and news comes from Amritsar, punjab where, over 50 people are feared dead after a major train accident took place in the state. According to starting reports, the accident took place near Amritsar’s Joda Phatak when effigies of Ravana were being burnt on the railway tracks. Injured people are being shifted to a nearby hospital meanwhile all the concerned authorities are monitoring the situation.

Moreover, At gate no. 27 b/w Amritsar & Manawala. As Dussehra celebration was taking place some incident had occurred& people started rushing towards closed gate number 27 while a DMU train number 74943 was passing the closed gate: CPRO Northern Railway; Visuals from accident site.

Several dead in Amritsar in north India as a train mows down a large crowd gathered near the tracks for Dussehra festival celebrations.

Local reports suggest that effigies of Ravan were being burnt on the tracks due to which the accident took place.

VERY SAD TO SAY THIS, HOPE FOR MINIMAL INJURY/DEATHS. #Artificial#MissManagement during the ‘Ravan Dahan’. TRILOK SINGH#YD

Following the initial reports, revellers at Dussehra celebrations were standing close to railway tracks to watch a Ravan effigy burn and could not hear the oncoming train over the noise of firecrackers. Notably, There were around 500-700 people at the spot. The moment the effigy of Ravana caught fire, crackers started flying around. A police official said that, “There are more than 50 casualties. We are evacuating people and the injured are being taken to the hospital.”

Horrible visuals, they apparently couldn’t hear the train coming due to the noise of the crackers. We Can’t believe the above Train accident today. How can a train run over so many people? How can Indian railways be so careless!!!